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: will america buy that we the people is now we the government. we will report. you will decide. >>brian: one guy i know does buy it. it looks like he'll have his media in the corner with the president of the united states. this network executive heard an article telling the president to pulverize and destroy republicans. you can go for their throats. we see him sunday with bob schieffer. we can't make this up. we'll review it only for you on "fox & friends." >>steve: it is the coldest day of the winter so far here in new york city. that is why it was a good decision to go indoors today. >>gretchen: you know even though i grew up in minnesota, i hate the cold weather. so let's pretend it is 90 degrees and go for it. >>brian: yesterday 600,000 people happy yesterday was a little warmer. it was at a minimum 800,000 shy from four years prior. the balls that followed, the parade that ensued. it's always a great day in america. >>gretchen: for me, beyonce. i see that you and i slept together again last night. >>brian: do you mean purple? >>gretchen: sure. let's do headlines. three americans were unfor
and the kidnapping is in revenge for french intervention in the country of mali. overnight the algerian government has been in talks with both united states and france, and we understand that the algerian government is now talking to tribal leaders that apparently do have ties to the terrorists. here's how the thing went down. there was a bus carrying american, british, norwegian french and japanese workers. that bus was ambushed by two armed men and two people were killed. they took off to the gas field and the total number of hostages remains unclear but reports say it ranges from 15 to 40, including 7 americans. >> they are a threat. they are a threat to our country. they are a threat to the world. and wherever they locate and try to establish a base for operations, i think that constitutes a threat that all of us have to be concerned about. >> the u.s. government is also calling this a terror attack. and this is the guy believed to be behind it all. his name is moqtar, a one-eyed veteran jihaddist with ties to al qaeda. he was apparently kicked out of the network because they say he was more i
? >> that is government numbers used by republican members of the senate budget committee. it represents a whole new america. in fact, it represents a total reversal from the days of welfare reform in the mid-1990's. welfare has made an enormous come-back. there are no plans to rein it in. it is going to go up by $11 trillion. spending on welfare up $11 trillion in the next ten years. that's astronomical. >>steve: is a portion of it a sign of the times because the economy is so bad and it is hard for people to find work and they need assistance? >> absolutely not. there has been a shift in the eligibility for welfare during the obama years. more people are getting heating assistance, cell phones. you name it, you can get more of it in the obama years. point is there is no plan to rein this in. the president is adamantly opposed to any spending cuts or any reining in of these run-away programs. >>gretchen: one in six americans now on food stamps. i think one in four children, i've heard, are on food stamps. >> 19.9 million children are fed by the federal government. >>gretchen: you know what comes to
owners that somehow the federal government is about to take all your guns away. >> the n.r.a. has made it very clear it is adamantly opposed to any measure that will ban assault weapons or high-capacity ammunition magazines. the n.r.a. predicts the president will not be able to get any congressional passage on anything akin to that. a source does tell fox news, as you've mentioned, steve, earlier, the task force has identified 19 different options the president could implement through an executive order. of course that would clearly create a stir and fight on capitol hill. >>steve: capitol hill hates to get bypassed. thank you very much. >>gretchen: to your other headlines, former kansas city chief linebacker jovan belcher was drunk when he killed his girlfriend and himself. his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit yet when cops found him passed out in his car hours before the shooting, they did not arrest him. later belcher shot, murdered his girlfriend, nine times. then he drove to his practice facility and ended up killing himself. >>eric: a british woman who got in trouble
as well as the algerian government. first of all, the operation still is ongoing. according to the algerians, what it seems is that the operation in the residential area has ended, but there are still some hostages possibly caught up in the gas compression part of this facility. the algerian government is offering the terrorists safe passage if they lead the hostages free. we don't have numbers at this point for casualties in this story. british prime minister david cameron describing the attack as heavily armed, large and well-coordinated. also probably preplanned. also we did hear from one escaped hostage, an irish, who managed to get out who said that the hostages had actually bound, gagged and attached explosives to some of those hostages. we're hearing reports that a u.s. plane has landed at a nearby airfield in order to take it to safety and americans who may be in the area. one american, according to jennifer griffin, not accounted for. there had been five on the compound who managed to escape being taken, two others who were taken and managed to escape. another frigh
in the process of government as well. read into that, put pressure on republican members of congress to help advance the president's agenda. now, what it comes to this idea of how the two parties will work together, we've seen some things happen differently, particularly around the fiscal cliff, the way the president and vice president negotiated with mitch mcconnell and that went through the house. there is some indication the president may have found a way around the majority in the house, which gives republican senators -- rather democrat senator charles schumer, the inaugural chairman, hope that maybe things will work better in the future. i talked to him the other day. he says he has adopted, because he's running the show, a mantra of faith in america's future, as the theme, telling me he does think things will get a little better in terms of working together over the next few years. >> we've always had periods of time, this is one, where people say we'll never overcome these problems. they're so different than the others. but the american people are practical, optimistic, problem solvi
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)

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